A story that begins more than a few years ago …

Villa Stucky was built at the beginning of the last century by Lady Giorgia Amalia Seymour, Countess of Durfort. The noblewoman, a lover of greenery and trees, had the building surrounded by a beautiful English garden and a small forest.

After his death in 1831, the Villa passed to the Dalla Vida family, who commissioned architect Negrin to expand the grove, succeeding in obtaining a specially undulating terrain, a magnificent park.

At the beginning of the last century, the Villa was bought by the Swiss-born Stucky family, owners of the well-known, eponymous Venice Mills, who had it torn down to construct the present building, which is characterized by its Central European lines, quite different from the simple, severe lines of the Venetian villas.

soldier villa stucky gate

The building has obvious Central European features, and the exterior paintings consist of classical neo-Renaissance friezes. The villa is located in the heart of Mogliano, which has grown up around it over the past century. In the “Stucky Room” you can admire stucco and decorations brought back to new light that make the atmosphere resemble that of a century ago.

In 1917 the Villa became the headquarters of the Third Army Headquarters. A recently placed plaque recalls that it was in the very halls of the Villa that the redemption and plans for the victorious final offensive on the Piave River were prepared.

Today, in this picturesque setting, the high standard of service blends with the tradition of hospitality to best meet the needs of every guest.

A restoration brought the old structure back to its original appearance to offer guests a delicate atmosphere with an old-fashioned flavor. The d├ęcor has been designed to create a unique style that is well suited to the needs of the most exclusive guests, who can also hold business and representative breakfasts.

It is the ideal place for social relationships and a coveted destination for those who need a welcoming environment, capable of combining the characteristics of a private space and at the same time specialized facilities to fully accommodate the multiple needs of business travelers.


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