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Regata storica


The Regata Storica is the main event in the annual “Voga alla Veneta” rowing calendar and will take place on sunday 6th September 2015. This unique sport has been practised in the Venetian lagoon for thousands of years and today it is particularly well-known for the spectacular historical water pageant that precedes the race.

This event begins with a procession of ornate boats down the Grand Canal, rowed by locals in 16th-century costume. Once this is over, the races start – which is what most locals have come to see. There are four: one for young rowers, one for women, one for rowers of caorline – long canoe-like boats in which the prow and the stern are identical – and the last, the most eagerly awaited, featuring two-man sporting gondolini. The finish is at the sharp curve of the Grand Canal between Palazzo Barbi and Ca’ Foscari: here, the judges sit in an ornate raft known as the machina, where the prize-giving takes place.

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